Policy Principles

We believe in strong state support in funding our public institutions to keep them affordable, accessible, and academically rigorous, and we support higher education governance structures that are transparent and reflective of all stakeholders’ priorities.

GW Policy Principles


Graduate Washington supports maintaining and expanding state funding for higher education to ensure that higher education in Washington is accessible to all qualified applicants regardless of their socioeconomic background. We believe that a well-funded and quality system of higher education is essential to the future economic prosperity and vitality of the State of Washington.


Graduate Washington supports systems of shared governance based on democratic values and participation from key stakeholders of higher education institutions. Shared governance systems should include participation from students as key stakeholders in higher education.


Graduate Washington supports accountability measures for higher education that ensure the responsible use of student and state funds. Accountability and performance based mechanisms to improve efficiency and increase transparency should not impose arduous limitations on higher education institutions.